Mileage correction in Dagenham


It can be inconvenient and irritating when some part of your car breaks. While you may be able to fix a flat tire or minor engine fault yourself, a fault with the dashboard display can be much more complicated.

That is where Abacus Mileage Correction come in. We offer mileage correction in Dagenham, Suffolk, Birmingham and many other places across the UK.

Mileage correction can fix your car when something goes wrong with the display, which can be the result of a fault with the electrics or damage to the dashboard. These can cause the dashboard display to show incorrectly.

Digital display recalibration from Abacus Mileage Correction can fix the display, so it shows what it should.

Abacus use only highly experienced technicians and have recently introduced a range of new technology to improve digital recalibration.

We can often come to any location that is convenient for you. Whether you require mileage correction in Dagenham, Manchester or any other part of the country, we will be able to come to you.

Our services are available 24 hours a day and all our work in fully guaranteed.

Mileage correction is legal. However, should you sell your car in the future, you must let the buyer know that mileage correction has been carried out. Failing to disclose details of mileage correction could be an offense.

If you are interested in our mileage correction services, contact Abacus today for a quote.

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