Mileage Correction in Dartford

Digital mileage corrections or adjustment can become necessary when you notice that the mileage on your vehicle’s display differs from the value that you expect, due to mechanical or electrical faults. Mileage correction services can be used to return the displayed value back to the correct value. Digital mileage displays can often go wrong due to electrical malfunctioning or dashboard malfunctions, and the odometer can either be corrected or recalibrated.

Mileage correction is legal as there are a number of reasons why it may need to be done. However, it is illegal to sell a vehicle that has been corrected without informing the buyer of the mileage correction. We only provide the service when the owner of the vehicle knows that the displayed mileage to be incorrect, and it is the onus of the owner to inform any potential buyers of the correction and of the “true” mileage.

We offer our services in a variety of areas, including Dartford and surrounds, and our technicians are available whenever you need them, regardless of the time, even on weekends. Our technicians are also available to travel to you, so you don’t need to drive around and try to find us. Our work is guaranteed and of the highest possible standard, performed using the latest digital odometer recalibration/adjustment equipment for a large variety of cars, vans and trucks as well as motorcycles.

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