Mileage correction in Mitcham

London can be a difficult place to drive, and things will sometimes go wrong with your car.

While you may be able to carry out some minor repairs, there are some parts of the car you should not try to fix. The dashboard display is on of these.

The dashboard display can be corrupted by damage or electrical faults, which can result in an inaccurate display. If this happens, Abacus Mileage Correction can recalibrate your display.

If you live in London, we offer mileage correction in Mitcham, Wimbledon and other areas of London. We operate a garage in London if you would like to come to our premises. Alternatively, we have mobile teams in London, who can come to your home or workplace, or any other area that is convenient for you.

We have increased investment in the latest technology to carry out digital display correction. We also offer a fast and friendly service available 24 hours a day, at locations across the country. If you require mileage correction in Mitcham at 7AM, or in Manchester at 5PM, we will be there.

As every make and model of car is different, our prices vary. Contact Abacus for a quote.

Mileage correction is completely legal. If you go on to sell your car, however, you must inform the buyer that the correction has taken place.

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