Adjusting a vehicles digital odometer / milometer is not illegal, however it is illegal and an offence if you intend to sell the vehicle without informing the purchaser of the changes. Abacus will not carry out any data correction if we feel our service is being misused.
If the vehicles mileage cannot be guaranteed, you must then display a disclaimer on the speedometer the same size or larger than the speedometer itself.
By enquiring or instructing us to carry out works, you hereby agree to all our terms and conditions.

Abacus Diagnostics Terms & Conditions

Abacus are offering our services for customers who have incorrect data displaying on their vehicles cluster and memories. It is the customers duty to ensure this service is used for these purposes alone. Should we feel at any time during phone conversations or site visits that our services are being used for any other purpose, we reserve the right to cease work immediately. The customer will be liable to pay our costs up to that point.

We refuse to carry out any work on a vehicle if we feel the customer is not using our service for legitimate reasons ie: repairing of digital dashboard due to incorrect data or previous change of cluster that is displaying incorrect data.

Abacus will cease work on a vehicle should we come across previous incorrect attempts to repair a vehicles odometer whilst working on a vehicle. The customer may be liable to pay costs up to that point.

Our mileage correction and TV unlocking service is to be used at the sole risk of the customer, we will not be held responsible in the very unlikely event that any problems occur during or after our visit.

Correcting a vehicles data can on very rare occasions cause issues with a vehicles immobiliser and/or other electronic components. Abacus will not be held liable should any of these issues arise once the correction has been completed. It is the customers duty to inform our technician of any after market immobiliser, alarms or other known electrical/electronic changes previously made to the vehicle prior to our arrival.

It is the customers duty to inform our company of any known previous data changes or electrical/electronic corrections carried out on the vehicle prior to our arrival on site. We will not be held responsible for any problems that may arise due to previous attempts by the customer to correct data. We may refuse to carry out work on any vehicle that has had previous data corrections.

Once mileage correction has taken place, It is an offence if you knowingly sell the vehicle without disclosing the correction in the speedo reading to the buyer should you decide to sell the vehicle.

Please feel free to contact us for advice on purchasing a vehicle if you are unsure of the mileage and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction for the correct legal advice.