Mileage correction Maidstone


If you need the mileage on your car corrected, Abacus Mileage Correction can offer this service for you. Our mileage correction service is available in Maidstone and across the UK. We have many years of experience in offering this service and work with the latest equipment and to a very high standard, so you have nothing to worry about when you put your car in our hands.

There are a number of reasons why you may need the mileage corrected on your vehicle. As most cars are equipped with digital dashboard displays these days, it is easy for something to go wrong with the computer and cause the mileage displayed to be incorrect. It may be that it temporarily was not recording any mileage, was recording an incorrect mileage, or may have even been reset to zero if something major went wrong. When it comes to selling your car you will want the mileage reading to be correct and consistent with those noted during your car’s MOT.

We are experienced in correcting the mileage on a wide range of vehicles, for example Audi, Mercedes and BMW. It is important that you use a well experienced company when correcting the mileage on your car. The computers on cars these days are very complicated, and it would not be difficult for somebody who does not fully understand what they are doing to make unwanted changes to other aspects of the computer which could be both difficult and costly to put right.