Cambridgeshire Mileage Correction and Digital Dash Services.
We use the best diagnostic equipment enabling us work on all car makes and models and can offer a national mobile service at an excellent rate. Our services include digital mileage correction and TV unlocking enabling us to do clock readings and dash adjustments.

Mileage correction Cambridge

Modern cars have a redesigned dashboard that are electronic and feature digital odometers. This design has been largely adapted by car manufacturers as it is easier to fit in the car and cheaper as opposed to the mechanical one. As much as this is a cost-effective method for manufacturers and buyers, there are limitations among them, mileage alteration. The mileage data can be lost when the car wiring is subjected to electrical pulses. This happens especially because the data is stored on an internal EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory). The erasure is usually caused by a number of factors including dashboard damage, battery discharge after the vehicle has been jump started and an electrical fault at the dashboard. This mistake leads to an incorrect mileage data that needs correction.

We at specialise in mileage correction for all brands and car models. We offer our services in several locations including Cambridge. Car owners in this area can conveniently reach us for mileage correction at the stipulated working hours. Our technicians are available every day of the week, 24 hours a day. They can either meet with clients at appropriate locations or in our Cambridge offices, depending on the client’s preference. One should not be hesitant when seeking our services as we use highly trained and professional personnel. One can always call our technicians for a free quotation on the vehicle that needs to be worked on, advice or a suggestion. We charge affordable prices which vary depending on the car model and make.

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