Mileage correction in Gravesend

We provide a mileage correction for when your dashboard displays incorrectly. This can be as a result of damage to the dashboard or a fault with the electrics. Digital mileage correction is there to make sure your display is always correct.

Abacus Mileage Correction offer mileage correction in Gravesend, Manchester and many other towns and cities across the UK.

Our highly experienced technicians are mobile and came come to you to fix the display. We have recently increased investment in the latest technology, improving our digital correction services.

While there is no need to come to our premises, you can do this if you prefer. We offer a fast, friendly, reliable service at our premises in London and Essex. We also have mobile teams in Essex, London and Kent who can come to you to perform mileage correction in Gravesend, Dagenham, Dover or any other area that is convenient for you.

As well as mileage correction, we also offer thorough inspections, resetting of the service lights and airbag and key and immobilizer resetting.

If you then sell your car after mileage correction, you must inform the buyer that the mileage correction has been carried out. It could be illegal if you do not do this.

Abacus Mileage Correction are there to help you keep you car display correct.