Mileage correction in Rainham

At Abacus Mileage Correction, we use highly experienced technicians, backed up by the latest technology, to provide mileage correction services in many locations.

Our fixed premises in London and Essex are available if you prefer to drop your car off. Alternatively, we have several mobile teams, who can offer mileage correction in Rainham and other towns across the UK.

Mileage correction can be needed if your display becomes corrupted, perhaps as the result of damage or an electrical fault. If your display is inaccurate, we can re-calibrate it so it shows what it is supposed to.

At Abacus, we have brought in the latest technology to provide digital re-calibration. We can perform mileage correction on almost any vehicle, although prices vary for each make and model. Contact us for a quote.

In addition to mileage correction, we provide a range of services, including airbag and service light resetting. We can come to any location that is best for you, and our service is always fast and friendly.

It is legal to carry out mileage correction. However, you will need to tell the buyer about the correction if you put your car on the market. Failure to do this is illegal.

At Abacus Mileage correction, we are here to correct you dashboard display should anything go wrong.