Mileage correction Romford

If you have had a collision, or experienced any other problems with your car, it is possible that the mileage reading needs correcting. If the gearing or wheels have been changed, especially if non-standard parts have been used, it could well be that your car is not displaying the correct mileage. Modern cars often have digital mileage displays, and unfortunately, as with everything digital, if one thing goes wrong it can lead to other things going wrong too. If something goes wrong with your trip computer it could stop recording mileage for a period of time, or reset your mileage to zero.

Abacus Mileage Correction offer a service to adjust your mileage back to the correct level. This service is available nationwide, including in Romford and the surrounding area. As we use the latest technology, we are able to correct the mileage on a wide range of vehicles, including Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes. You can therefore be confident that when you hand your vehicle over to us to correct the mileage, it will be done correctly and in a timely manner. You do not have to fear that a mistake will be made, which can sometimes happen when people with less experience attempt to correct the mileage on your car. Whilst these mistakes can usually be rectified, it is much better to save yourself the time and cost by using our services to get it right first time.