Bentley mileage correction

We provide mileage correction services on Bentley vehicles, we do many different models ranging from early 2000’s all the way to 2016+ as you might expect these vehicles hold the mileage on loads of different locations, feel free to contact us with the year and model and we’ll be able to advise where the mileage is stored.

Reason why you may require to get your mileage corrected.

If you’ve had a replacement part be it a gearbox, ECU or instrument cluster, then the mileage would be from the previous cars and be incorrect. Bentley’s being made by VAG group suffer from the same problems which we face on VAG other makes, if you jump start the car wrong, e.g. cables the wrong way around, or don’t follow the correct procedure then you could end up causing a power surge where the mileage jumps to a higher figure or even sometimes letters will display where mileage should display.

We have the knowledge an experience to deal with all types of Bentley’s on the market today if you’d like to get more information please feel free to contact us for a quote.

We operate a mobile service which means we cover London, Essex, Surrey & Kent.