We provide a Citroen Mileage correction service we operate a mobile service which means we can come to you and get the work done on site. We provide our services throughout London, Essex, Kent and Surrey. We cover most vehicles all the way up to 2017 +

We only work on digital systems, over the years software has got better which means we can do more vehicle via the obd port without the need to remove the BSI.

The mileage on most Citroen as a general rule is stored on more than one place. It’s normally stored in the instrument cluster, ECU and the body control unit, also known as BSI. So if any of these units get replaced due to age or faults, if the mileage on your second hand unit is higher then the mileage on the vehicle then you will require to correct the miles to match up with the vehicle.

We’ve recently starting doing BSI repairs on vehicles so we will be able to repair these units when they go wrong feel free to contact for more information.


Below is a list of some of the Citroen’s we provide our services for:

Nemo, Saxo, Xara Picasso,

Ax, Xsara, Zx, Berlingo,

C1, C2, C3, C4,

C5, C6, C8, Ds3,

We provide all our services as a mobile service which means we can meet you either at home or at a work place, which ever suits you best. We operate within London, Essex, Kent and Surrey.

We make sure that all our work is provided to the best possible standard by using state of the art equipment.

Call us today to get an unbeatable quotation.

If you’ve lost the key to your Citroen or after a Citroen locksmith, then we can also help. Call us for more details.

Feel free to call today for information and a quote on your model on 0207 887 2621.