Lamborghini mileage correction

We offer mileage correction services for most Lamborghini, we operate a mobile service which means we will come to you and get the work required done on site.

Lamborghini have the mileage stored on loads of different places, the mileage is stored on the instrument cluster and ECU, if the vehicle is an Automatic the mileage would also be stored in the gearbox, depending on the model it can also be stored in the gearbox.

Reason why you may require mileage correction no your Lamborghini are as following:

If you’ve had a power surge and the mileage has jumped to a figure which is not correct, you’ve changed one of the units to a second hand unit including a gearbox, speedo or ECU, this will inturn have the mileage from the old vehicle.

Different Lamborghini we provide our services for:

Aventador, Countach, Diablo , Gallardo, Huracan, Jalpa, Murcielago

We provide our services in London, Kent, Essex and Surrey.

Feel free to call today for information and a quote on your model on 0207 4772167