Mercedes Mileage correction


We provide mileage correction services for all the Mercedes in the market all the way to 2016 & 2017 vehicles.

We are the first company to be able to offer near enough all the newer Mercedes in the market today without the need to install a can-blocker.

All the corrections we provide include doing all the mileage locations.


We provide all our services via a mobile service; we cover Essex, London, Kent, Surrey and Cambridge and surround counties.

Please note that the mileage on most Mercedes vehicles is stored on the Speedo, EZS (keys), and gateway. Depending on the model you have depends which additional units the mileage is stored in. Just to list a few, there is the battery unit, the abs pump, the tyre pressure unit .

We can do most of the newer Mercedes 2007 + without the need of installing a can blocker, previously there was no software available to do the EZS unit without the need of a can blocker. If you’d like more information we’d be more than happy to assist you further.

Below are some of the Mercedes we provide our correction services for:

A Class, B Class, C Class –w202 , w203 and the w204  & w205 all the way till 2017

E class, E class w212, even the latest ones with the colour display screen. upto 2015/16

S Class w221 – We can do the job without the need for a can-blocker, including correcting all the mileage locations.

S Class w222 – At the moment require blockers

Mercedes W205 all the way upto 2016

CL – includes doing the type pressure

Mercedes SL, Mercedes ML, SLK, SLR, Vito, Sprinter, Viano, CLK, CLS, V Class W447

W164, X164, W245, W251, W171, G55, W219, W211 , W221 W204 W212 W166, X166 W172 W218 and W246

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Mercedes mileage correction