Peugeot Mileage correction

Mileage correction services for Peugeot vehicles, we operate a mobile service and cover Essex, Kent, London and Surrey. Peugeot’s are some of the hardest cars to correct the miles on, so make sure you pick a company that has knowledge and know how to fix problems when and if they occur.

The mileage on these vehicles is stored on the instrument cluster and BSI (BCU, Body control unit) The BCU is the unit which controls indicator, windows etc and also stores the mileage information. We can also repair the BSI or make a second hand unit work on your vehicle which means you can save the massive dealer costs that they would charge if one of these units was to go wrong.

Reasons why you’d require the mileage correction on your Peugeot.

Power surge, has been caused whilst jump starting, change of speedo, BSI or ECU or simply the mileage has jumped over night.

Different Models we provide our services for:

3008, 306, 307, 308, 4007, 405, 406, 407, 5008, 607, 508, 806, 807, Partner, RCZ, 1007, 106, 107, 206, 207, 208,

Feel free to call today for information and a quote on your model on 0207 887 2621

We offer full Peugeot mileage correction and dash diagnostics on almost every type of make and model including American cars/vans/trucks and bikes. See our vehicle list for a full list of vehicle makes available. Click on the make to see full model list. Feel free to call us if your model isn’t shown as we are constantly updating our files with newer models each month.