Porsche mileage correction

We provide mileage correction services on all the Porsches on the market today including the latest 2016, 2017 models, feel free to contact us for more information.

Porsche tends to store the mileage on many different places, ranging from ECU, ABS, Instrument cluster & gearbox (Cayenne, Macan models).

So if you change the gearbox, ECU, ABS or any other part with a second hand part then in theory your vehicles is carrying an incorrect reading, which can been seen via diagnostics tool.

When we correct the mileage on a Porsche we can sure that we correct all the mileage locations, to make sure the cars miles, match up with it should be.

We only cover models which have digital mileage clocks, a lot of the older Porsche use analogue speedo and we wouldn’t be able to help on those models.

We operate a mobile service which means we can carry out the work on site, we cover London, Surrey, Essex and Kent.

Different models we provide our services for:

911, 911 GT2, 911 GT3, Boxster, Carrera GT, Cayman, Panamera, Cayenne, Macan, Cayman, 996. 997, 991

Feel free to call today for information and a quote on your model on 0207 887 2621.

We offer full Porsche mileage correction and dash diagnostics on almost every type of make and model including American cars/vans/trucks and bikes. See our vehicle list for a full list of vehicle makes available. Click on the make to see full model list. Feel free to call us if your model isn’t shown as we are constantly updating our files with newer models each month.