Renault Mileage correction


Mileage correction on Renault vehicles, We provide a correction service on all Renault vehicles, including the latest 2016 models. We cover more makes and models then most, we operate a mobile service which means we come to you and get the work carried out on site, we cover London, Essex, Kent and surrey.

Renault vehicles as a general can suffer from common issues with their instrument clusters for example the Scenic clock tends to fail quite a lot, so instead of buying a brand new clock from the dealer you can purchase a second hand speedo we will be able to correct the mileage code the unit onto the vehicle. The newer Renault’s have the mileage stored on the ABS pump, which means if you put a second hand ABS pump onto your vehicle to keep the costs down on a brand new part, you may require the mileage on the vehicle corrected, because if the unit you’ve purchased has a higher mileage then your vehicle, your vehicle will pick up that mileage.

We are able to cut and program car keys for all Renault vehicles, again quite a common problem on Renault vehicles like the Laguna and Megane is for the key card to fail, either the remote or the transponder.

Here is a list of the vehicles we provide our services for:

Clio, Espace, Scenic, Grand Scenic, Kangoo, Modus, Megane, Laguna, Trafic, Kangoo & Master. 

Feel free to call today for information and a quote on your model on 0207 887 2621.