Mileage Correction Epping


When a person decides to sell a car, the obvious requirement is to achieve the best price or part-exchange value possible. However, people often don’t realise that the value of a car is heavily dependent on its mileage; if that mileage is misleadingly high, the vendor will not receive a fair price. For people who believe an odometer reading is incorrect, there is now a fast, legal service that can put it right.

Mileage readings in most cars are now stored digitally in a hidden microchip. However, in some models this information can be stored in several locations. Abacus Diagnostics is a specialist service that offers mobiles services, aimed at correcting these errors and ensuring the best possible sale price is achieved for the vehicle. With the expert use of state-of-the-art equipment, it is now possible to diagnose faults and correct them immediately. Specialist technicians can ensure that all incorrect data stored within the vehicle is changed accordingly.

Many people assume that a service such as this is illegal. However, as long as the seller fully discloses the changes made, no laws are being broken. The main reason for making adjustments to a car’s odometer is completely legitimate. When a car develops an electrical problem or suffers from a software malfunction, the mileage reading can be corrupted. In many cases, the error can be substantial and significantly affect the car’s value. Rectifying these errors is now fast and simple with mileage correction Epping.

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