Mileage correction in Grays, Essex


As cars grow ever more complex and the use of electronics becomes more widespread, the chances are that electrical faults may occur. More often than not a loss of electrical power will result in the reading of the digital odometer showing misleading information which can affect the correct functioning of the car. Abacus Diagnostics offer a nationwide service in recalibrating digital displays with all our technicians fully trained in this complex procedure. For example mileage correction at Grays in Essex is just one of our UK locations offering this essential service.
All our technicians are fully trained in mileage correction and experienced in the use of the equipment required to carry out this procedure. No matter what the age of vehicle or whether it is a car, van or motorcycle, our technicians are available 24/7 to restore the correct reading to the digital display.
Needless to say all our work is carried out to the highest standards and is fully guaranteed. Our technicians undergo continuous training on the latest equipment to ensure the integrity of the car is maintained. To assist our customers our technicians at Grays offer a mobile service and by using our portable equipment the recalibration service can be carried out at the customers’ home or place of work.
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