Southend is now on our ever growing list of towns we now cover with our mileage correction expertise. Our database of towns and counties spreads throughout the UK and we are now able to offer Nationwide coverage at amazing prices. With mobile units based throughout the country you can be assured of same day service at reasonable prices.

If you have had a problem with your car, you may find that the mileage shown on the trip computer is incorrect. There are a number of issues that could lead to this, and whilst it may not seem like a big problem at the time, if the mileage shown is not consistent with past readings you have noted on your MOT certificate, you may find it difficult when it comes to selling the car, as people can be very wary of others altering the reading to increase the cars value.

We can help correct the mileage reading on your car for you. We have a number of years’ experience and use the latest equipment, allowing us to perform mileage correction on a number of makes and models of cars, ranging from Fords and Renaults to Audis, BMWs and Mercedes. We offer our services all over the country, including Southend.

Our many years of experience mean that you know you have put your car in safe hands when you use us to perform your mileage correction. We know exactly what we are doing so will not be altering any other settings to your car. This is important as if somebody attempts to perform mileage correction but does not fully understand what they are doing, it is easy for another setting to be changed which in the digital day and age could prevent your car from starting at all. With Abacus Mileage Correction you do not have this worry.


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